Kaylea Le
September 25, 2014
Food Blog


rickaroonsGood morning LOVElies!!! Happy rainy Thursday! I love the sound of rain when I’m laying in bed BUT driving in it… Not so much. I’m actually looking to move closer to DC within the next couple months so my commute to work won’t be so bad everyday. Yay!! Anyhow… Who loves #rickaroons? Delicious, nutritious, organic, tasty, healthy, and just perfect! @rickaroons is doing another giveaway for #FlexBowlFridayS. Get your bowls ready for tomorrow. Join us #TeamFBF tomorrow for a chance to get featured and a prize from @rickaroons variety pack! If you rather buy, enter the code “flexbowl” for discounts. Mmm YUM! How to join? It’s simple: share your FlexBowl pic w/ #FlexBowlFridayS, #TeamFBF & tag me @kayleale or any of u.

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