Kaylea Le
September 28, 2014
Food Blog

Rickaroons Giveaway


Hi LOVElies!!! Happy FRIDAY!!! It’s a gorgeous day… Is LOVE in the air? Maybe Love for #rickaroons!!!Delicious, nutritious, organic, tasty, healthy, and just perfect! @rickaroons is doing another giveaway for #FlexBowlFridayS. Get your bowls ready Join us #TeamFBF today for a chance to get featured and a prize from @rickaroons variety pack! If you rather buy, enter the code “flexbowl” for discounts. Mmm YUM! How to join? It’s simple: share your FlexBowl pic w/ #FlexBowlFridayS, #TeamFBF & tag me @kayleale or any of us @FamFitFood @ValerieAzinge @NikiaDyson @ECsince80 @FreshFitNHealthy @YouvaryAndSam @Chef_Tiffy @SpoonFulofFit @JojoBombero @vmfitness @_MichelleYeager @PonyTailPower

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